CEO Message

Apollotech will continue to work and develop under the motto of outstanding competitiveness and customer satisfaction in QCDS (quality, price, delivery date, service).

Welcome to APOLLO TECH website!

Since establishment in 1998, our company has started from importing and exporting raw materials for core materials in the semiconductor and advanced IT fields, and has been supplying silicon wafer reclaim services and silicon wafers of various specifications such as test, dummy, and oxide.

In addition, we have all-round capabilities and know-how from development, design, mass production, and customer site response to electrostatic chuck and ESC controller applicable to various application fields including semiconductor and display fields. By securing engineering plastic plating technology and production lines applied to mobile, telecommunication, and automobile fields, we are doing our best to respond to future innovative technologies and grow into a global robust company in the material field.

In the future, Apollo Tech will create opportunities for mutual growth through close collaboration and development with customers. We promise to do our best to repay you with products that give the best customer satisfaction.

Thank you!